• A total of 600 survivors were identified and trained in Entrepreneurial Skills, Stores Management, Record Keeping, and Business Plan Development. The beneficiaries demonstrated enhanced knowledge of the training components.
  • At the completion of the training, the 600 beneficiaries/participants received $100 each as start-up capital that enabled them to start new small business enterprises. This cash support helped address their dire economic needs in the aftermath of the disasters.
  • At the end of the three weeks of training, beneficiaries/participants received a certificate of completion of training on entrepreneurial skills, management, record keeping, and business plan development. This certificate, beneficiaries will later use to apply for jobs.
  • An estimated 85% of the beneficiaries for the first time became bank account holders.
  • Our intervention helped reduce the stress and trauma that the survivors felt in the aftermath of the calamity. The cash support and training put the survivors at ease; and made them feel that there was life after the disasters.

In Partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Sierra Leone

600 mudslide and flood victims successfully completed training in Business Development and Entrepreneurship

  • The 600 beneficiaries with their increased and enhanced knowledge in entrepreneurial skills, business management, store management, record keeping, and business plan development would be able to manage the businesses well, thereby reducing their poverty and dependence on others.


  • Some of the 600 beneficiaries will use their training knowledge/certificate to get jobs; which will invariably improve their economic lot and social standing in the communities they reside.